Large airborne particles can accumulate on your floors and quickly become embedded into the finish of a hard surface or the pile of carpet. A smooth, polished surface is less easily damaged and much easier to keep clean. The Lux Floor Pro allows you to avoid damage and add years to the life and vitality of your flooring.

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Prevention is Key

The best way to keep carpets and floors clean is through preventative measures. Using an entrance or welcome mat at your door helps remove dirt and debris from shoes. These mats should be cleaned frequently so any dirt and soil isn’t redistributed.

80% of the soils that come into your home are dry and can be removed with a vacuum. The remaining 20% are oils, greases and starches, which can be treated and removed with regular deep cleaning using a shampoo cleaner.

Healthy Home products

Features and Benefits

  • Versatility – Whether carpet, hardwood, marble, tile or vinyl, the Lux Floor Pro can shampoo, wax or polish all your floors beautifully.
  • Efficiency – A balanced triple brush system provides gentle yet powerful scrubbing. There are also special cleaning and polishing brushes that can produce a high gloss shine on hard surface flooring.
  • Simplicity – A fold down handle makes the unit easy to carry and store.
  • Easy to Use – The Lux Floor Pro automatically turns off if the handle is dropped, and turns on when the handle is moved into place. The shampoo trigger is located on the handle, conveniently located at your fingertips.
  • Convenience – The large 3.6-quart tank is removable for quick cleaning and filling.
  • Protection – Your furniture and walls are protected while polishing or shampooing with a splashguard and wraparound bumper.

Small Spaces

Modern Spaces

Classic Spaces

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