sleek design and stainless steel appearance

Stylish, High-Powered Performance

With a sleek design and stainless steel appearance, the Lux Guardian Platinum is a sophisticated appliance. Exceptionally quiet with a high-powered motor and two sealed HEPA filters, the Platinum ensures the tiniest contaminants are captured and only clean air is released.

Intelligent, intuitive features such as the Automatic Operation Mode sense the type of cleaning you’re performing, and the System Indicator alerts you when maintenance is needed. The Lux Guardian Platinum is everything you expect from a high-performance floor care system.

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Features and Benefits

Lux Guardian Platinum

High-Powered motor features an amazing 505 air watts and 116" of water lift

System Indicator alerts the condition of operation, including suction level and automatic mode, pre-filter notification, full filter bag and over-heated motor

Unique L-shape power nozzle provides 4-sided cleaning and self-adjusts its height between types of flooring

Patented Push & Pull Connection System makes inserting and removing the electrical hose effortless; the hose rotates 360° on both ends and the handle features an ergonomic design for comfort

Lux Guardian Platinum features an aerodynamic air guide design and multi-layered sound insulation for quiet operation

Suction control can be adjusted across 8 levels according to the task you’re performing

Three-wheel guidance system makes the canister easy to pull as you vacuum

Automatic cord winder easily stores the 28-foot cord

If an object becomes tangled in the power nozzle brush, the circuit breaker will automatically shut off the brush to prevent damage; a built-in thermo coupler protects the motor by shutting it down if it overheats.

True HEPA Filter

Lux Guardian Platinum features Unique Double HEPA Filtration

  • Home Solutions Filter Bags are 4 times more effective at capturing dust and tiny particles
  • True HEPA Filter significantly improves indoor air quality by trapping and retaining 99.97% of particles as small as 0.3 microns
  • High porosity, activated charcoal carbon filter follows the true HEPA filter to effectively reduce odor and moisture
  • Before the air is released back into the environment, it passes through the LongLife HEPA filter to capture any tiny particulates that may still exist

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