The Lux Line of upright vacuums by Aerus is marked by high quality, durable characteristics. The Lux upright vacuum line was designed for ease of use, best-in-class performance and long-lasting operation. Available in both residential and commercial styles, the Lux Line of uprights is ideal for cleaning any space.

Beyond Guardian Air

” We have the Beyond Guardian air cleaner for both levels of our house, and the Lux Guardian Angel in our bedroom. Since we put these air purifiers to work, we have definitely notice how dust free the furniture and base boards are in our house. In fact, when our daughter was visiting she shook out a throw blanket and commented on how little dust she saw in the sunlight. I’m very happy we invested in these. I have dust and pollen allergies, and I don’t have time to dust. I’m looking forward to getting a dog now. Jenny Gassert “

Guardian Air

“My wife and I have a cat, a dog, and we love to cook. So sometimes the air in our home doesn’t always smell as good as we’d like. We decided to try using the Guardian Air and we’ve been blown away by the change in our indoor air quality. You’d never know we have pets…or that I burn the occasional steak! “

Lux Guardian Platinum

“I can tell such a difference now that I’m using my Lux Guardian Platinum. The carpet that I had installed 2 years ago still looks new, and my son’s asthma symptoms have decreased significantly. I have no doubt that removing all the dust, debris and dander from our carpets and rugs has made that extra difference.”

Clients Are Raving About Aerus Electrolux in Norwalk CT

“I was referred to Aerus, Norwalk. The owner is knowledgeable, as you would expect. But his manner, his professionalism, his providing information in such detail that he exceeded my expectations. He worked with me about a special request. I am so pleased with my Electrolux, with the excellent service provided at Aerus, Norwalk, that not only would I recommend Electrolux vacuums, but I would highly recommend that they buy at Aerus, Norwalk!”…Evelyn K

“We just had a tech from Aerus named Jaecke come out to figure out why the Electrolux central vac was running while not in use. He was amazing! He showed me what happened and then proceeded to fix additional things on it. Thank you! Highly recommend. Very dependable and honest.”…Rosemary C.

“Excellent service. Knowledgable and pleasant owner. Always goes the extra mile to assist customers.”…Pamela P.

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